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Strengthening Your Online Stores Following the Corona Virus

The Corona virus opportunity

Covid19 has led to heavy economic losses in many industries worldwide, but it seems that they also benefited from the E-Commerce. To halt the spread of the Corona virus, a closure was imposed in many countries and malls, the shopping centers and the physical retail stores were forced to close their branches. The need for shopping has not been depreciated during this pandemic, and consumers found the solution in e-commerce.  

The scale of shopping online has significantly increased during this pandemic. We are seeing a 40% increase in sales not only in the essential category but in most categories as well. We are also seeing a 200% growth in tablets, phones, computer screens, and television sales.

In addition to this, in wake of the corona crisis, people who have never purchased items online are now shopping online. 

This is not a trend!

Online shopping is here to stay. Despite the gradual return to the routine and opening of shopping centers and malls throughout the country, there has been an extremely low number of consumers in the brick and mortar shops. Consumers are not in a hurry to get out of the house and go shopping in a mall, and according to Reese’s report, sales in malls will decrease by 60% in 2020 and 2021.

All consumers in the U.S. adjusted their way of purchasing products and mostly prefer to continue shopping online, whether it may be a way to maintain health and avoid virus’ and bacteria exposure or due to convenience.  

How Amazon was influenced by the Coronavirus?

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, Amazon announced at the end of March that they decided to focus on the American market and limit shipping to neighboring countries. This decision resulted from the United States regulations that dared to maintain essential products in the U.S. and not to export them.

The Corona Virus has created an opportunity for Amazon sellers to expand your clientele and sell products in more categories. 

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