Logistics at Amazon

Customer Supplies

Amazon has developed a groundbreaking service called “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA). As with all the other parts of Amazon, this department needs to be well understood in order to get the most out of Amazon. That’s where we can help. 

Establishment of an Amazon Warehouse

The logistical parts of order fulfillment include creating a warehouse in Amazon, importing goods and providing official customs releases documents. Handing barcodes, creating labels and labeling each individual product correctly are also important parts of establishing your Amazon store. In addition to that, building a customer service infrastructure and managing merchandise are also crucial. Accuracy in the details of these logistical elements ensure that shipments reach their destinations in order to prevent other unforeseeable issues. 

Because of this, it’s crucial to know technique and be detail-oriented. 

Management and Shipping of Goods  

Amazon is very careful and specific about the product listings that they host, and therefore Amazon requires documents and statements about your products. These specifications are listed as SDS and MSDS. Products need to be approved before they are able to enter the Amazon warehouse. 

Sending a product to Amazon requires lots of documents such as export license – if needed, IOR, customs clearance and Amazon appointment. The team at BuyBox will accompany you through all of this so that you can get your products to the Amazon warehouse quickly and smoothly. 

BuyBox’s pros are acquainted with the gamut of tools available through Amazon. With years of experience in setting up Amazon stores and selling profitable products, we know how to create an Amazon store in an efficient and economical way that will maximize visibility and profitability. 

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