Branding for Amazon

Branding – a small word with tremendous importance!

Give your Amazon shop a name, identity and presence, and the rest will come.

Product branding and design is the most significant factor in promoting sales at Amazon. In particular, U.S. consumers love branded items, and are willing to pay a bit extra for them as well. U.S. consumers like to know that there is a brand behind the products that they choose to buy. When you sell several products under the same brand, customers liking their purchases are more likely to purchase other items from your brand. 

Buybox will assist you in branding so customers will choose you over the competitors. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million.

Quality design and presentation of your products and brand is the most important factor in being able to promote it on Amazon. BuyBox’s team is comprised of professionals with rich experience in the fields of sales, marketing, design and content writing. 

Through a thoughtful creative alliance with our clients, we build synergy that allows us to work together to analyze products versus competitors, create designs that stand out, and packaging that represents the unique qualities of your brand. 

Well-Written Marketing Content

The Amazon listing page is THE most important part of marketing. This is the place where sellers can catch the attention of the consumer and showcase what they are providing. The BuyBox team works diligently to analyze keywords and embed them in your listing, which can positively impact ratings. 

Keyword Research on Amazon

We use a proprietary method that we have developed in order to find keywords that can contribute to the most successful marketing of your product. Amazon’s algorithm ranks products mainly according to the contents of the listing page. With our method, it is possible to strategically embed keywords into the listing which can improve your store’s search ranking. 

With BuyBox, you will have products that are branded and designed in a way that will ultimately bring your company more sales. Contact us today to get started!