What is Amazon Brand Registry and how does it protect your brand?

Sellers on Amazon are forced to cope with challenges such as products imitations, infringement and copy write issues. To protect your brand and maximize you marketing abilities on Amazon, you will need to register your brand on Amazon – Amazon Brand Registry.

This is a program designed for brand owners — small, medium, or large brands. It helps gain complete control over how your products are registered at Amazon and will ultimately  protect your brand copyrights, photography, listing hijackers and will help you strengthen the brand.  

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry provides you with better control over your brand product pages. This way a consumer will receive the correct and most accurate information about your branded products. You can add a detailed description to the products called “EBC” – Enhanced Brand Content which includes banners and option to add video clips and overall make your detail page much more presentable. Amazon gives priority to brands under  Amazon Brand Registry, thus you will increase your conversion rate and sales of the products.

In addition to this, Amazon Brand Registry protects the value of your brand by allowing you to decide who can sell your products on Amazon. In addition, you can track sellers that violating your copyrights and may be selling counterfeit products that belong to your brand. Amazon takes this very seriously, so if you report any such violation to Amazon they will take action against the sellers. (Typically, Amazon operates against such sellers within 8-24 hours).

Amazon Brand protects you from sellers that offer products that appear under your brand name but don’t belong to them, other sellers who publish images that do not represent your brand, or sell your products that might be incorrectly describe may damage your brand’s image. Therefore, you won’t need to worry because your brand will be protected against scams and damage to your brand image. 

How to Register Your Brand?

To register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry program, you much have a Registered Trademark. Amazon accepts Trademarks from various countries such as the United States, the European Union, Australia, and several countries in South America. To register for a new Trademark, you must undergo a long process and dome bureaucracy that can take between six months to a year.

How can I shorten the registration process for the Amazon Brand?

BuyBox works with a team of U.S. Trademark lawyers that are experienced in a unique Trademark process that can help speed the process and get your Trademark number within seven to ten days, once we receive your Trademark number we will register your Brand with Amazon. Contact us, and lets make it happen.

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